Ukrainian music
Drums-Mike Tymchuk
Accordian-Hans Carlson
Violin-Boris Nowosad
Bass Guitar-William Nowosad
Lead Guitar-Wilf Wagner
Rhythm Guitar-Eugene Mayuk
Dulcimer(Cymbaly)-Stan Malchuk
Selections marked are sound samples.

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Traditional Wedding March
Manitoba Wedding March
Dauphin Wedding March
Ukrainski Wedding March
Saskatchewan Wedding March
Bride & Groom Wedding March
Vesilnyi Wedding March
Saskatoon Wedding March
Regina Wedding March
Edmonton Wedding March
Ethelbert Wedding March
Road to Boston
Wedding Presentation Melody
Vesilya zah chniyeh
Traditional Presentation Melodies
Oy Pid Hayem Hayem
Too Fat Polka
Ukrainian music Wedding Polkas
EE Shoomit EE Hoodit